Singapore Changi Airport

Terminal Capacity Analysis

The Singapore Changi Airport (CAG) is planning to open the new Terminal 5 in the distant future and therefore needs to set a plan to operate the existing terminals before the opening of the new terminal.
The study was based on a set of different scenarios on terminal occupancy of major airlines and flight schedules developed by CAG. And ARC was tasked to evaluate stand occupancy and level of service of terminal facilities considering the increasing number of flights and passengers, as well as stand and counter availabilities in the future. Therefore, a CAST Aircraft model was updated for the stand occupancy analysis and a CAST Express model was built for detailed allocation rules and Level of Service analysis of terminal facilities.

The analysis results from different scenarios were used to provide recommendations on which scenario is recommendable and when it would start.
Next to presenting the results by graphs and figures, ARC delivered the simulation models to support the further analysis by CAG.

  • Generation of a functional terminal simulation model
  • Update of stand allocation rules
  • Detailed allocation rules of counters, gates, reclaim belts and racetracks
  • Simulation and evaluation of the capacity and assessment of different scenarios
  • Comparisons between different scenarios and recommendations for future operations