SESAR – Airport Performance Framework and ‘What-If’ tool

Detailed description of project

The focus of the project at hand was:


  • The development of an Airport Performance Framework that aims at:
    • Identifying the relevant Key Performance Indicators for all airport activities centred around the turnaround
    • Build a dashboard (CAST Dashboard) structure which allows drill-down queries to understand the behaviour of relevant indicators for quick and an unambiguous operational decision making
  • The test, validation and extension of this airport performance framework using fast time simulations (CAST Simulation)
  • The development of airport performance dashboards (CAST Dashboard) for selected European airports, namely
    • Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
    • Madrid Barajas
    • Toulouse
  • The adaptation/development of the based what-if decision support tool that predicts the impact of a set of actions/decisions on selected KPIs as a result of fast-time simulations running in the background
  • Integration of the airport performance dashboards and the what-if decision support tool into a high-fidelity, human-in-the-loop airport simulation platform.

Type of services provided

  • Software extension and development
  • Data Analysis and report generation