El Dorado International Airport – Capacity Enhancement Study

HIA – Capacity Assessment

In the framework of the overall capacity assessment of the airport, ARC has assessed the airside capacity of the airport including, the runway system, aircraft ground flow operations and aircraft stand requirements.


In order to gather information on the airport and input data, an inception mission involving all relevant stakeholders (Airport Authority, ATC, Airlines, etc.) has been performed. Based on the outcomes of this mission, a deep analysis of historical flight movement data and the extraction of the 30th busiest day and a stand demand analysis has been conducted.


Type of services provided

  • Inception mission
  • Analysis of historical flight movement data
  • Stand demand analysis
  • Stand and gate allocation of the flight schedule
  • Setup of the CAST Aircraft simulation model
  • Evaluation of the Scenarios
    • Actual ATM procedures
    • New ATM procedures
    • Different operational concepts
    • Runway closures
  • Final report


The comprehensive airport model facilitated investigating the runway and taxi system capacities for different operational concepts and ATM procedures. As a result, different Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to assess the particular infrastructure components but also the overall operational quality have been determined. Besides these detailed quantitative results, bottlenecks have been identified and measures for mitigation have been suggested. In addition proposal to increase the efficiency of the ATM procedures and to improve situational awareness have been given.


The results and conclusions derived from the project will be used as an important baseline for the forthcoming decision making process within the frame of the further future expansion planning.