Brussels Airport – Airside Flow Simulation Study

Detailed description of project

Brussels Airport wants to offer a quality airport product for its passengers and airlines. The airport plans several infrastructure projects within the coming years. In order to evaluate the influence on the airside operations and to get reliable information for the future planning ARC was contracted to do an Airside Flow Simulation Study. The project was focused on the airside capacity, airside flows and taxi times as well as to address bottlenecks and possible solutions considering the changes within the infrastructure and the operational procedures.


Type of services provided

  • Coordination with the client: situation, goals, data, scenarios, results
  • Data collection and validation
  • Set-up of a 3D CAST Computer model of the airport
  • CAST Aircraft simulation runs and evaluation
  • Development of alternative operational concepts
  • Conclusions and recommendations based on discussions with the client


For the investigation a comprehensive CAST 3D computer model of BRU airport has been build. Several scenarios illustrating the taxi operations of the current and the future situation have been created and different operational rules and stand allocations reflecting the planned infrastructure development steps were considered. For several scenarios extensive data have been produced and analysed.


All work has been done in close cooperation with the client. Besides detailed report including conclusions and recommendation several 3D CAST animations of the future situation have been provided in order to support the analysis and communicate the conclusions to decision makers and management.